Pankuni Uthiram, Tirukkaarthikai, Vaikaasi Visaakam, Kanda Sashti. In the Murugan temples, the Kanda Sashti festival is celebrated for six days only. In some temples it is celebrated for seven days, with the divine wedding of Lord Muruga the next day to Sashti. But, in Tiruchendur the festival is held for twelve days — the first six days of Kanda Sashti comprise Sashti Vrattam (the vow of Sashti) and Soora Samharam (the annihilation of the demon, Soora), on the seventh day it is the divine wedding of Lord Muruga and Deivaanai, and in the next five days, the Lord in His wedding gear appears and blesses in the ‘Unjal Sevai’ that is, sitting on the Swing.golden-chariot

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